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Prison Baptisms in Nicaragua

The last couple days here in Nicaragua have been full of adventure and great things. You can check out video testimonies here. Yesterday was an amazing day for me and for all of us. We all went to a maximum security prison in Chinandega and ministered to the inmates. It started out that the Impact team sat under a couple tents, out of the scorching sun, while the prisoners were brought out into an open field near the tents. The El Shaddai team (which is the ministry team in Chinandaga that Impact works with) had live music playing and it was a joyful and exciting atmosphere. There were about 300 inmates (men and women) in the field with us and guards all around. I noticed that some of the men and women had Bibles. We had a wonderful time of singing and worship and then Christina asked me if I would share my testimony to them. There were about 300 in the field and about 1000 others that were within ear shot in their cells, as the cells were all around the field. You could see hands all over the place sticking out of the bars as they were listening. This prison is build for 600 and holds 1200 and it is horrendous living conditions. 

I shared my testimony of hurts, disappointments, joys, forgiveness, hope and new life with them and I trust that they were blessed by it. My point with the whole testimony was that Jesus makes all things new. That He takes the dirty and He makes it clean. He takes the broken and makes that like new. That there are consequences for our actions, and that this may not change, but Jesus meets us right there in the middle of it. That it doesn't matter what you have done, Jesus will meet you right where you are at. It was an amazing experience to do this and it was quite emotional for me to share like that. 

As soon as I was done sharing, within seconds, the clouds opened up and the rain fell hard and we were all shuffled into a covered building where Steve shared with all of them a short message and an invitation to receive Christ and baptism. There was a number of them that accepted Jesus and then we all went back outside, as it had quit raining, and had a baptism. Rem

ember, this is in a maximum security prison. It was just awesome! While the baptism was on, the rest of the team were able to  walk around and talk and minister to the inmates personally with a translator. 

I prayed for a man who had a small tumor on his knee and his neck was stiff and sore. As soon as we were done praying for him his neck was he

Like I said, the conditions in the prison are terrible and they are packed in there like sardeens. The have a bed but it is a slab of concrete raised off of the floor, probably so that they won't get wet if it floods. They get a pillow and one blanket. There are no windows to the outside and there is a small strip of steel bars at the top of the wall to the outside. They don't get feed very well nutrition wise so we prepared LARGE amounts of food and we served  the food to every prisoner. It was an experience to remember.aled and he was shaking his head all over the place. I prayed for his knee as well and after, the small lump/tumor, as he called it, was gone and he was bending his knee back and forth. He was extremely joyful needless to say. There were many with awesome healings, like a man who was blind in one eye was completely healed.

The thing that got me was that there stories were no different than ours in North America or other places in the world. They were in there for the same things they do in Canada. They have the same hurts, abuse, disappointments in life as we all do. The ONLY thing that is going to change their situation or ours is knowing Jesus and how much He loves us and to have relationship with Him. Needless to say, I have been challenged once again to do more the Kingdom of God here as well as right where I am living in little old Princeton. 

- Mike Leiding

Amponsah Prince Asante commented on 12-Feb-2016 06:39 PM
God Bless you Mike. This your friend from Ghana Pastor Prince. I am so happy to see you impacting Nation. Bless you.

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