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Increasingly, over the past few centuries, the evangelical church has (at least by implication) presented the Christ-story as beginning with the angelic appearances in the two opening chapters of Luke’s Gospel. It seems to me that this is an extension of the persistent impact of the rationalism of the Enlightenment. While virtually all evangelicals would reject the notion that Jesus was simply a wise teacher, nevertheless, it is all too easy to see Him as somehow less than God the Father; certainly Jesus is God, but a Son who was sent on assignment to fix a mess, that His part in the story doesn’t really begin until He comes to earth. But this ignores the clear testimony of the OT prophets, the apostles and the early church. There never was a time without the Son. There never was a time when the Son was not at work, fulfilling the desires of the Father.  Read More

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Christina and I have been in India for five days, travelling with our partners and friends, Randeep and Anu Mathews. For years I have wanted Christina to see some of the India that I love so much; until now, all she has seen are the slums and poor rural villages where we work. Over the past few days we have seen the remarkable Agra Red Fort, which was constructed in the 16th and 17th century by the Mogul rulers. Before the British stripped it, the fort and palace were covered with gold and jewels, including the largest diamond in the world. Even without most of the precious stones, this huge fort is a marvel. Yesterday, Christina went with Randeep and Anu to the Taj Mahal. (Unfortunately, I was back at the hotel dealing with some sickness that has now disappeared.) I first saw the Taj in 1998 and have wanted Christina to see it ever since. For me, it is the most beautiful structure I have ever seen. To my delight, she loved it.   Read More

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