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Nicaragua First Reports

To say that God is on the move in Nicaragua would be an understatement. After speaking with Steve about all that has been happening on this current Journey of Compassion, here are some of the incredible highlights:

Last night over 1200 people showed up for an outdoor meeting at Chinandega Plaza. The pastors of the fifteen churches involved said it was their biggest gathering ever.  Steve preached and felt a thick presence of God come over the group in wave upon wave upon wave. Probably two-thirds of those present responded for ministry time, and even with our team of 50 praying tirelessly, Steve began calling out conditions and having individuals pray for healing over themselves.  After the meeting, he received many testimonies from people who had prayed over themselves with him leading and they reported being healed of headaches, blindness and cataracts, deafness, etc.  There have been many such healings throughout the journey. Additionally, there were many with hunched or crooked backs who received healing allowing them to stand up straight. One team member prayed for a stroke victim who was paralyzed on one side; she received a complete healing and was walking better than the team member afterwards. Another team member prayed for a toddler with a club foot; the foot straightened out and the toddler was restored to perfect health, leaving the mother to weep tears of joy. Our partner, Osvaldo, declared he has never seen a meeting like it.

Maggie and her amazing puppet team from Church of the Living God conducted a 3-hour workshop with Sunday school teachers from ten local churches. This will be a tremendous blessing to these churches as her team has had a powerful impact on this journey touching many lives with their presentation.

A few days ago Christina had an opportunity to take a team and hold a meeting for the local prostituted women. Thirty were invited and about 80 showed up, plus kids. They were blessed by our team’s words, prayers and gifts. The best was the woman who chose to escape her current lifestyle. She accepted Jesus and asked him to change everything in her life. A small amount of money was gathered for her by the team that the local pastor will use to help her start a new business. Thank you Jesus.

Steve reports that this team of 50 from all over the world are leading people to Christ in the streets all day long, every day. They take advantage of every opportunity to pray for the sick and lead them to the One who heals them.  The teams go house to house distributing food and water filters, praying for needs and telling people about Jesus. Two young adults on the team, Parker and Ezra, led eight families to Jesus in one day by going door to door with food, hope and the Good News. Praise God for His goodness and outpouring of grace.

Today the last of the water filters will be distributed. In all, approximately 1300-1500 people will now have access to clean water which will greatly improve the stomach problems presenting in the mobile medical clinics.

On today’s agenda for the teams:

               -A feeding outreach and huge party for kids in a poor barrio along with the distribution of clothing and toys. (The team brought 15 bags of clothes and toys for this purpose. Thank you!)

               -Water filter distribution in another barrio. (Our final day of delivering water filters.)

               -Ministry in prisons and city jails.  Testimonies are sure to abound. “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” John 1:5

We’d love to have you join us for a Journey this year and experience testimonies like this for yourself. Check out our Extreme Nepal Journey, Extreme Cambodia Journey (women only) or Tanzania Journey.

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