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Nepal Journey Update by Cynthia Pearson

What can we do about sex trafficking in Nepal? 

That is the question that haunted us for the past eight months since we had heard of the tens of thousands of girls who end up in the brothels and prostitution houses of India. How can we make a difference when the problem is so large and complex?

We traveled with a team of six on this extreme Journey of Compassion to southern Nepal.

Bordering India, this area is a high traffic zone of at risk girls from the lowest people group of the country. The Badi's have been prostituting their girls for centuries. It rocked me to the core when I realized there were no fathers in these communities because the children were all born to prostitutes. 

Our partner has been working in this area to give the women alternative sources of income, the latest being "Goats for Girls"  where a mother and her daughter are given a pair of goats with the stipulation that the daughter stays in school and the mother does not prostitute herself. Even though it's in the very beginning stages, we met six girls whose hopes and dreams are being restored through these goats.  Now they want to be nurses, teachers, and one a tourist guide.

We even met a couple of women who had managed to escape and return from India to their hometowns only to be ostracized by their communities because of the life they have lived. These women have been able to start small businesses: sewing, shoemaking, and one was training to be a driver. 

Yes, we distributed 65 water filters which will greatly help these women and children to experience good health but even more importantly, we were able to love these women and share Jesus with them. Through her tears, our own translator shared her testimony of growing up fatherless and the difference God the Father has made in her life. She connected with their hearts and the joy of seeing smiles and hope on their faces let us know our trip was well worth every penny spent and every sacrifice made. 

We worked in three different villages while we were there and one afternoon, alongside a big river, I shared the story of the woman at the well. The story resonated with the women as they heard about Jesus, the man who knew everything about them and still loved them and had the gift of living water to offer their thirsty souls. Five women came and knelt in the grass to receive Jesus that magical afternoon. It was their choice, the accepting of a free gift. 

The difference we can make for these women in Nepal is life-changing. All it takes is your gift of love , $440, combined with our amazing partner who is able to train and provide accountability to each woman in the small business of their choosing. It's not that difficult. I have to think God made it that way. Part of our reason for living is making a difference in the lives of others.  

Cookie Leonardelli commented on 05-Oct-2016 10:28 AM
To bring Jesus to even one is worth a journey of thousands of miles! Well done.
Anita commented on 14-Oct-2016 07:51 AM
Cynthia, love your heart (and your family's) Remembering delivering water filters with you in Haiti, such a good work along with all the other amazing ministering you and your team are doing!

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