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Isaiah 58 Feeding and Abundant Provision for St. Marc, Haiti!

This has been an incredibly exciting week for Impact Nations and our partner, DD, who oversees Centre Vie Orphanage in St. Marc, Haiti.  Over 6 months ago, we began working on a project to get a large shipment of food (donated by The Ontario Gleaners) from Canada to Haiti. This past week, our efforts were rewarded with the food shipment being received by DD.  This would NOT have been possible without Isaiah 58 donations which paid for the transport of the donated food. 

Thank you to all our Isaiah 58 Feeding Program donors!  With this shipment of food, over 100,000 meals have been provided (enough to feed really hungry children at Centre Vie Orphanage and needy families in the surrounding communities for well over a year.)  This is a part of what it means to rescue lives and transform communities.  Thank you to The Ontario Gleaners and Isaiah 58 donors (this includes anyone who gave toward Nutritious Meals in our Christmas Gift Catalog)!  To our faithful Impact supporters, your prayers and financial support have made this gift possible, too. Please accept our heartfelt thanks and rejoice with us in this victory and gift of provision.  In just the first week, 1,381 hungry people were fed.

Here is a letter from DD and some pictures regarding the food shipment:

We all are very thankful and happy. The food came at just the right time, the beginning of the month! Great! 

Thank you so much for the variety. We have granola for the morning, apple for dessert and snack, and beans (a savior!), because beans are expensive and this year, due to drought, bean crops have been lost for the region. Thank you!!!

We enjoy having the kids’ drawings on the apples packaging labels. We are feeling so blessed. The children of the school, orphanage kids and the village children are happy and already enjoying the meals.

The vegetables (the soup mix) is a winner of a meal for us, financially and for the children. We are making the soup in many ways and are trying recipes that would not make it a boring meal. It is great to have so many vegetables to give to the children. Impact Nations has made the right choice in sending the soup, the beans, the apples, and the granola. I am feeling so blessed. Thank you so much.

I will keep sending you reports on the feeding. The teachers are happy to try the food and they are giving us good feedback.

Incredible. You could never imagine what a relief this food donation is. It is so good to know that with very little money I will have a healthy meal to give the children on any given day. I am not even thinking of meat now because the soup has all the nutritive ingredients. Thank you so much. We are only thinking on how to keep the meals interesting every day and we are good at that with spices and a variety of recipes. The staff is thrilled. Again, thank you so much.

May the Lord bless IMPACT NATIONS in big ways. Thank you!

We are daily feeding 73 children (our kids and the village children integrating into our little school) and 12 adults/staff and teachers for a total of 85. 

In the village: 27 houses of 7-8 persons have already each received a pail of vegetables (soup mix). 27x6 bags = 162 bags x 8 people/family means you are already feeding 1296 people just this week...not counting our 85 children and staff daily ration. Thank you so much!

For the village, we tend to look for the need before giving it away. We are giving to families/children we know will not have anything to eat for the day or for the weekend.

Thank you so much. God bless you.

Love & Gratitude,

DD and the children

Anonymous commented on 13-Apr-2016 12:30 PM
It was so exciting to see the beautiful children again because of the wonderful feeding program! God bless you all. Did the bibles arrive too?
Alice Marie

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