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India Journey Report, Part 6

Above: When Lyn prayed for the woman in the middle hearing was restored in her left ear. She went home & brought the other ladies for prayer. The lady in pink had stomach pain leave & the one in blue had long term excruciating head pain leave. 

Our team continues to see God move in very powerful ways.  Again today they saw cataracts disappear as they prayed.  They shared the Gospel of Jesus and saw 200 people come to Christ throughout the day.  In fact, the testimonies from the group were so numerous that the 50 minute drive back to the hotel did not allow enough time to share all of their stories.  Here are a few of my favorites…

As Steve was wrapping up a two hour session of teaching the pastors, he became aware of 20 young Sikh men who were standing at the periphery listening to the teaching.  The topic of discussion was just how big the gospel truly is.  Turning to the outside observers, Steve said, “Well now you’ve heard the gospel.  Who will receive this Jesus?”  Fifteen accepted the invitation.

Elsewhere, a Sikh priest (known locally  as a Granthi) was receiving healing.  Upon receiving his healing, he was quick to receive the gift of salvation from our Lord Jesus.  Soon he had called his wife over and she too received Christ.  Now this influential leader is in a house church where he will be discipled and taught to proclaim the Good News to others in his community!

When you’re on a Journey of Compassion, you are trained to always be looking for what the Father is doing, looking for where He wants to break in with His Kingdom.  While visiting a tourist destination this week, one of our team recognized just such a moment.  As she spoke to a local woman, she was able to pray for healing and introduce her to Jesus.  Good to know that God can use us even in tourist mode!

Please be praying that the Lord will sustain our team and give them strength as they continue to minister to these precious people.  The temperatures reached 112°F/45°C today, so you can imagine that people are worn out by day’s end.

The quality of the following video is poor due to limited bandwidth, but it was just too good to keep to myself...

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