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India Journey Report, Part 5

I have just received another update from our team in India, this time via FaceTime from a restaurant in the Punjab. The team has stopped for a short break (and some really good chai tea!) on their 3.5 hour return journey to the hotel.

Randeep felt prompted to begin to preach the gospel in the restaurant and the people have begun to gather. As I write this, there are people crowded around to hear and see the gospel as people receive healing and lift songs of praise to the King of kings. At last count, 11 people have been saved and 20 people have been healed. A great ending to what was already a pretty awesome day…


Today the team journeyed further into the Punjab than we have ever been before. They ministered in a community that is 100% Sikh. Correction… WAS 100% Sikh until today!!!

As people set up the clinic this morning, Sue and Ray went for a quick prayer walk in the area. During their walk, people began to approach them for healing. As they prayed for the sick, the gospel was preached and people were saved. This carried on for nearly two hours!

The team was set up in a school yard, where, as always, people were met with practical and supernatural demonstrations of God’s love and compassion. Soon, one of our team members stood to preach the Good News to the gathered crowd. When an invitation was given, almost every hand went up to receive Jesus as Lord and Savior.

If you aren’t just a little bit jealous of our team in India, check your pulse. Together, in one day, they saw an estimated 400 Sikh’s come to Christ. They were able to serve as God’s hands and feet, loving the poor and broken, many of whom had never heard the name of Jesus before today.

You could be a part of the adventure.  We will have teams in Uganda and Tanzania later this year, where you can expect God to use you in mighty ways.  Join us!

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