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India Journey Report, Part 4

Today was a festival day, so we were not able to do any major events. Instead, we spent the morning together, worshiping, teaching and ministering to one another. After lunch we went out in two groups, one group back to the beggars’ colony and the other to a village about 45 minutes away. In both places we gave out packages of rice and beans, and we installed water filter systems. Today was quite hot (104°F/40°C), so it was good that we were only out for a couple of hours.

I was in the group that went to the beggars’ colony. We worked our way through several of the rabbit warrens of huts (these are really just hovels constructed from discarded plastic and sticks), offering the food along the way. At first, although the food was gladly accepted, our offer to pray was met without a lot of interest. Soon, however, a woman asked us to follow her. As we began to talk with her and her children, others gathered around, curious to see what was happening. When I saw about a dozen people standing there, I told them about Jesus and offered to pray for them.

The first lady asked for prayer for a very painful knee. After a few moments of prayer we asked her to walk and bend the knee. With a big grin, she announced that all the pain was gone. This caused a lot of chatter among the group. Then we prayed for a woman with a headache, which instantly disappeared. From then on, we were praying for various pains and all were healed. I then told them about another gift from Jesus, that He wanted to come and live with them inside forever. Almost all of them prayed and received the Lord.

Meanwhile, the other team members were having similar experiences around this Muslim and Hindu colony. A good number gave their lives to Jesus; I don’t know the exact number, but I expect at least 20 people. One lady who was at the clinic on Tuesday, asked if she could come to the house church. As I wrote earlier, there is no problem with the harvest; it is plentiful (Lu 10:2)

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