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Hope and Care School- February Update

Hello Sponsors,

We thank you for all your efforts and support for our school. We started the first term in the year and have managed to get some new textbooks for our teachers.  This will improve the standard of education. We also delivered some books to our orphans and the less privileged children of Hope and Care to write and keep their notes.

We still have big challenges. We need more text books for the baby class to primary six. Also, many children have come in this year, and each classroom is divided into two classes; this causes confusion for children since two teachers are teaching different classes in one classroom.  There are not enough chairs for all the children, and those that we have are not good for the children because when they need to write, they have to kneel down and use the place where they sit to put their books and write. The school needs desks for children to study comfortably.

Thank you to all who have poured themselves out for these kids.  Please consider telling your friends about the needs at Hope at Care and inviting them to sponsor a child as well.    You can also visit them on the upcoming Uganda Journey of Compassion.

Check out the latest photo gallery:

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