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Haiti Scouting Trip by Tricia Bennett

My first impression upon arriving in Haiti was that the country was very dark. It was 7pm and raining, but there were no bright lights illuminating Port Au Prince like I expected. Later, I would discover why.

It took two and half hours to drive from the airport to DD’s house in the mountains outside Saint Marc. Throughout the whole drive I stared out the window taking in the sights. A common sight was seeing people gathered in groups on the sides of the streets listening to loud music, surrounded by trash and debris.

The next few days I spent time at Centre Vie Orphanage and School which DD oversees. The kids range in age from age three to about 13. They were all very sweet. I enjoyed playing with them at recess and listening to them sing. They loved my Fitbit, which I told them was a watch. They kept pushing the button over and over on it and taking “selfies” with my phone. To see the joy on their faces made the heat and humidity totally worth it. There are about 70 kids at the school, including those from the orphanage. They are always in need of school supplies, toys, hygiene product and “play” clothes, and many only have a few articles of clothing. Even with little they all seem happy, content and full of joy. By becoming a Child Sponsor through Impact Nations, you can support Centre Vie Orphanage and help meet these needs.

DD is an amazing woman with a heart for helping others. From the food we sent to Centre Vie early this year she has given much to neighboring schools and villages. She has great relationships with people all over who she partners with for materials and projects. She is definitely a lady who knows how to get things done and we are fortunate to have her as one of our partners.

DD and I also traveled to other villages to scout locations for mobile medical clinics and outreaches for our upcoming Journey of Compassion, tentatively scheduled for March 10-18, 2017. These day trips revealed to me just how great the need is for the people in Haiti. Most of the population lives without running water and electricity. They use rivers and streams to bathe in, wash their clothes in and more.

I fell in love with Haiti last week, with its beautiful people and landscape. Everyone I met was kind and humble and I cannot wait to return and see them all again. 

Leonard and Deb Runstedler commented on 23-Sep-2016 12:03 PM
Haiti will do that to all who go
Lee Hutchinson commented on 23-Sep-2016 01:31 PM
Show the people of Haiti the love and light of Jesus. Only His light can chase away the darkness. Our prayers are with you for a bountiful harvest and safe travels. God bless!

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