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First Reports from the Philippines Journey

To kick the journey off, the team took a scenic and adventurous 1.5 hour ferry ride up river to a small barangay of 64 houses. They were the first westerners to visit in over a year. Lots of healings of pain, fevers and eye problems, as well as salvations took place as the team went door to door distributing rice and water filters and praying for the needs of the people.  An outdoor meeting followed with nearly every person (about 100) accepting Jesus! Steve reports of a man born hearing impaired who was totally healed (including his blurry vision) without even receiving prayer. He ran to get his mostly blind father who was also totally healed!

The following day, they were in another barangay, meeting with people in their houses and being warmly welcomed. Sue prayed for a man with back pain and headaches and when she prayed he said he felt a warmth through his body and all pain left.

You know what’s really fun? Seeing people get healed. You know what’s even more fun? When someone tests out the healing of pain and stiffness in their shoulder by launching into high fives and kung fu moves! When Christina prayed for this man, she said the look on his face was priceless as he moved his arm with no pain. God is good and He is on the move in the Philippines!

Steve reports that yesterday was another good day with lots of healings and salvations. He saw a man slowly and painfully walking by. He’d had chest pain for 30 years. They prayed for him and all the pain left. Steve asked him to walk again. He went faster and faster and came running back with a huge smile.

This is the Gospel. Lives, bodies and hearts restored and made new in Christ. Thank you, Lord.

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