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Finding the Family of Peace - A Report from India

Written by: Christina Stewart

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On Saturday the JOC team divided into many smaller teams and went out to visit the 3 communities where we had conducted medical clinics the previous few days. Our purpose was to take time to visit and minister to people, as well as to install a number of water filters. Our team, of Trevor, Arsh, and myself, stopped at the first grouping of families who lived off a central “courtyard” in one room homes. Here we prayed for the only man present. He called his wife down to join us as he shared his troubles. He was a bicycle rickshaw driver, but found himself in pain and sleepy and unable to work much. Trevor spoke words of encouragement of what Jesus had for them, including building his business into something more which would better provide for his family. I distracted the baby, and we led the family to the Lord, prayed for healing and hope.

As we exited into the lane, a teenage boy pulled us toward his mother, who had been suffering non-stop with a headache for twelve years. When he saw we had arrived in the neighborhood, he called her at work encouraging her to come for prayer. The woman invited us into their home at the opposite end of the lane. We met her other three children and her mother in law. They shared about the children’s father, who was a good man, but tended toward drink and became violent when drunk. As we shared about Jesus we could see hope dawning in all their eyes. God revealed that the mom’s headache was as result of a curse spoken over her. With different things I shared she would say to the translator “she’s reading my mind!” We asked if we could pray and the kids all were nudging her and saying “say yes, mom!” Her headache left almost instantly and everyone was very excited. They all wanted to pray to receive Jesus and we asked them to join hands. The mom and the mother in law would not hold each others hands. So after the salvation prayer I talked a little about family dynamics, pain and forgiveness, including how these two were contributing to the father’s pain and his drinking. I asked if they could choose to forgive one another, and again the children were nudging them with “say yes”.

And now came the most miraculous moment. More miraculous than twelve years of pain with money spent on cortisone shots, or hope coming to a family torn apart by drinking and violence, more miraculous than children having faith that brought a family to healing. These two women actually looked at one another and chose to forgive. Heaven broke in and rescued a family. Within weeks a new house church will be established in their neighborhood, as that day the team reported that everyone was healed and saved.

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