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Feeding the poor in India

Here are few testimonies from the staff and team in India.  


On 25th September our government declared public holiday to our state. Shops are closed, roads become empty and as it is a festival day, all the people are busy in celebrating the festival and enjoying themselves but the beggars eagerly wait for help. They opened their hands and hearts to receive both physical and spiritual food in their lives. Our team did “outreach” to reach beggars with food and the love of God. We distributed 102 food packets along with the word of God. We gave them vegetable Biryani, egg fry curry and mineral water. They were so happy to receive the food and the gospel. We thank you so much for your valuable prayers, support and participation in the expansion of God's kingdom among the beggars. Please pray for us and for this project. Praying for you always. GOD BLESS!!

Here are few testimonies to share with you all.

We met a person named Kamalesh who was from Orissa state in India. He left his house and  family when he was eight years old and from that time onward he started living his life on platforms by begging. He lost hope and was forgotten by all his family. We shared the gospel with him and shared about God's care and love. He was happy and we prayed for him.

Dharma Raju:

He was a middle aged man who was from a town called Amalapuram. He came to Vizag to work but he couldn’t get proper job. He decided not go back to his house and he was staying on platforms. We prayed for him and  shared about Jesus. He was very happy. 

We met Sundarayya as we were distributing food packets. He used to live in a town called Tenali in Andhara Pradesh in India. He was a small inn owner and he used to sell breakfast to the villagers in his village. One day he got into debt for his daughter's wedding and he was not able to repay the debt to the debtor. He ran from his house and started staying at platforms and begging. We shared the gospel with him and prayed for his life to be transformed.  Uphold him in your prayers.


We met a young man named Mohan who was deeply addicted to drugs. He was from the local town but because of all his addictions he stopped going home and started begging at roads. We spoke with him at length. Please continue to pray for his salvation and deliverance.

We also met a man named Yohanna. He was from a Muslim background. He left his family and made begging his profession. We prayed for him and counseled him and he accepted Jesus Christ his personal savior. 

Please continue to pray for us and join with us in the expansion of God's kingdom. GOD BLESS.

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Great article.

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