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Fatima's Story

Fatima is a young lady who has been treated in the dispensary for skin diseases and vaginal infection. We could not find any hope for her. Her body was not responding to the medicines for about a month. Perplexed we decided to visit her home, and we found out that she has been using the muddy water that runs by her little mud home. This canal is served to irrigate the rice field. Not having any access to safe water, she and her children have been using this water for everything: bathing, cooking and drinking.

“I just have to let it stand and sieve it through buckets, and use it,” said Fati.

“What do you do for the baby and the children?"

"Same process, for the baby we use this scarf to get the water cleaner.”

Since then, we have provided pastilles of aqua tab to Fati and her family, provided her with clean buckets so she can buy the filtered water when available, but we daily provide her with clean water for the baby. She has also learned to broil the water to serve it to the children and to use Chlorine in water for bathing water, in laundry, and in everything that calls for water use.

Fati came back to the clinic with her 2 children with clean bodies, clean faces. Also she can go to continue her micro enterprise initiative, since she has recovered her health. She was always worried about cholera but she said she had no choice. Now she said she has choices, and being educated about water treatment, she is feeling empowered against diseases. Fati is one of the many women awaiting with great joy the water filter project of Impact Nations.

Fati said, “being poor is not having choices”. She also said, “Now I am no longer having to be worried about having a death of one of my children. I had no choice in the water my children was drinking, or washing myself. Now I am educated about water utilization - now I know for sure how to treat the water I am giving to my children and the water I am cleaning myself. We are almost in no danger of dying of cholera, typhoid, and diarrhea. I know with a little effort how to keep my family safe. Thanks to the new clinic, and thanks to the health agents, I am already welcoming Impacts Nations and I Thirst International for even thinking of us. Thank you DD for sharing this good news with us. God bless you all”

We are happy to see the changes, in her body, in the lives of her family and the baby is getting healthier every day. (She has given us permission to tell her story).

Like Fati many women are awaiting with expectation and anticipating gratitude the arrival of the Journey of Compassion team in June.

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