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Cambodia Extreme Journey Updates

11/16 - A full day in Phnom Penh: devotions with staff at Precious Women ministries, packing gift bags full of goodies, visiting and praying in the slums, then ministering to women in the bars tonight. Lives are being impacted!

11/17 - Today we shared a devotional & prayed with the staff at Open Arms, played with kids & prayed for some women traumatized by life on the street, had a blast with kids in a railway slum that XP visits regularly & did a bible study with another staff. I'm so thankful for the creative team God gathered here and how they are stretching into the opportunities.

11/18 -The Cambodia team continues to bring impact with various ministries here in Phnom Penh. Today was loving on kids whose moms have left the streets & other kids whose moms are still "working" there. Some of these little ones are pretty traumatized by the poverty they live in. These day care/night care centers are peaceful safe houses for children at risk. We also fed 120+ kids in some slums. Another good day.

This is Sopheaktra, who lives by a railway line. She answered all the questions about the bible story today. She asked if I'd be her godmother. Every child is precious & I love finding these sparks of light in dark places.

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