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Amazing News from Gracette, Haiti

We recently received another report from DD, our project overseer in Haiti, and we want to take a minute to share with you the great things that are happening there because of YOUR generous support of this iThirst Water project

In September, an additional 68 water filters were installed and the conservative estimate of how many people were given access to clean water for life because of this is over 800! This brings the total number of filters distributed to 100. Water filters were distributed to families and village clusters, schools, churches and a prison.

DD reports that in addition to improving the health of recipients by preventing water borne diseases, children and neighbors are feeling happy and encouraged, people are receiving prayer, inmates have access to clean water and there is a developing sense of community. In addition to the family members and neighbors who are sharing the filters, there are a number of people traveling long distances to visit their friends and get clean water. This fosters a great sense of community as people work together in this goal of making sure folks have access to clean water.

In addition to distributing the new filters, DD’s team went door to door to check on the filters that had been given previously. Most of the filters were working perfectly. They did discover a few issues (broken taps, the families confused on how to use it, etc.) and were able to rectify these problems so that 100% of the filters will be used to their greatest potential. This may have been the most encouraging piece of information that we received- they have written records of each filter and each follow-up visit. Not only did they check on the filters but they checked on the families, praying with many and connecting in a real way. This on-going follow-up is exactly the heart of what we do.

Here is the most encouraging news to report: clean water (even with just the first 100 filters) has so improved the community’s health that the medical clinic has reduced its hours to half time!

Clean water is such a practical, beautiful way to bless a community, save lives and have an opportunity to release heaven to those we encounter. Keep praying for Haiti and thank you for your generous support. The work Impact Nations does is possible because of you.

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