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A Traveler's Perspective by Cynthia Pearson

Having just returned from an overseas trip to nations in the developing world, I find myself thankful on levels I usually take for granted. Are we driving home from the airport on air? The road is so smooth. Where are the bone jarring, head hitting the jeep ceiling kind of bumps? Where is the traffic we have to weave in and out of and the motorcycles squeezing by to get to the front of the queue while we sit in the interminably long line of traffic waiting our turn as the police officer is doing his best to organize the chaos? 
What do I do with the toilet paper? Where is the trash bin? Or can I flush it down the loo? 

Water! Ahhhh... no worries about shistosomiasis or bilharzia here. I can shower with my face in the stream of clean, safe water that is the perfect temperature and has good pressure. 

Uh-oh! Was that a little spider lurking in the corner of my kitchen? Not anymore. Thank you, God, it wasn’t a two-inch cockroach that plagued me at the hotel 3 weeks ago by getting under my mosquito net in the middle of the night and running across my pillow and arm. I woke up in a dead panic because it was a nightmare come true. Thankfully I had managed to kill it, but how was I supposed to go back to sleep? Its body parts were smashed across my sheet and surely its friends would come to sympathize. 

Have I mentioned the clean, fresh air we are breathing? When I get to the end of the day, I’m not blowing dirty snot from my nose. Pardon my bluntness, but I’m not living through a prolonged drought that kicks up swirls of dust where crops should be planted that people were depending on for paying the children’s school fees this year. 

Always keep a hand on your purse and don’t ever hang it on the back of your chair in a restaurant. That’s how Rachelle’s was stolen. Stay on high alert to what is happening around you. 

Care to join me on the next Journey of Compassion? Ready for a new perspective?

Here is the deal breaker. It’s SO worth it ALL. Honestly. 

We distributed filters to a village in Nepal giving them access to clean, safe water so they don’t have to struggle through bouts of diarrhea any more. We put a roof on a school that will provide an education for village children where human trafficking had claimed all the school age girls, but now they have a hope and a future. I had the wonderful opportunity to teach 12 young ladies about their value and identity at a youth center in Nepal. 

Jesus came to seek and to save the lost. He is leading us into these places that are unchurched and unreached to show His love in practical ways. How can I say no? Sometimes I find it hard to say yes, but I have never once regretted it. 

Just a little perspective from a returned jet lagged traveler writing at 3:30 a.m. who finds herself grateful for the little blessings of home but even more, the incredible blessing of this adventuring with God who isn’t so concerned with our comforts. Instead He blesses us immeasurably as lay down our lives, because in losing them we gain eternity.

Anonymous commented on 23-Apr-2017 08:00 PM
Well written, and so true... Just returned from amazing journey to India. Still in jet lag mode...and marvelling that I can rinse my toothbrush in the sink.

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