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A Great Week In the Impact Nations World by Steve Stewart

I have been thinking about all that is going on right now in the Impact world. This morning I received pictures of the new piggery in Kalonga. The roof was completed just today. Now our Ugandan partners have doubled their capacity to raise and house pigs–-to about 70. Pigs are one of the most profitable ventures we have in Kalonga, helping to pay for food for orphans, teachers’ salaries, and starting new ventures for women-at-risk. Besides the piggery, a deep well is being dug right now. The water will be pumped up to a tank on a small tower which will provide drinking water, not only for the children at Hope and Care School, but will allow school and community gardens to be planted. This well is a huge step forward.

Yesterday, I was informed that the shipment of food has arrived in Haiti and has cleared customs. In a few days, our partner DD will be receiving over 100,000 meals, enough to feed all of her 35 orphans and the children in two other villages for the next year! We are so thankful for all who gave to the Isaiah 58 fund in order to make this happen. We are also very grateful to the Ontario Gleaners who provided the food.

Last night, I spoke with David Pearson who has just arrived home. He and Cynthia have been traveling for Impact Nations for three months. They have been working with a number of our overseas partners, training teams in water filter installation and maintenance, and scouting for future Journeys. During their long sojourn they visited seven nations––Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Cambodia, India, Nepal and the Philippines. Among the many things that they accomplished, David and Cynthia installed hundreds of water filters, providing permanent clean water for 8-10,000 people.

This week, we have also been in contact with our East Africa partners as we put together a very exciting Journey of Compassion to Tanzania in early November. We will be announcing details in the next few weeks. It will be our first Journey to Tanzania. This came about as a result of a scouting trip that David, Cynthia, our Ugandan partner Richard, our Kenyan partner Mike, and I made in January. I can hardly wait to take a team to this amazing nation.

I just wanted to give all of you who follow and pray for Impact Nations a bit of a snapshot of the kinds of activities that are going on around the developing world this week. I think that I will never cease to be amazed to find ourselves in the midst of so much activity of the Kingdom. The grace of the Lord Jesus is astounding.

God bless you all. Steve

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